Some people say you should never go into business with family. That's not something Proud Successful Owner Snooky Rico subscribes to.  In fact, she's turned her 3rd Ave Hair salon, Rico's on Third, into a daily family reunion. Few have achieved such acclaim, and even fewer have worked so hard to share the keys to success with others.

 Rico has been doing hair for 36 years, moving into her current location 8 years ago alongside Sister and Buisness partner Fifi Diaz. Her two daughters Andrea and Raquel followed in their mother's footsteps working as stylists at the salon.

 "We are in our second generation of cosmetologists," said Rico, who is the master stylist at Rico's on Third. "My daughters grew up in the salon seeing me do hair. They kind of followed and started doing hair when they were just teenagers, and eventually decided to make it their career. We're a family. We like to have fun."

Her focus on education may be due to her passion for the profession. She feels that along with a commitment to excellence is what set her apart from all the other salons in the area. Rico won't let a client leave the salon if she feels that person's hair isn't perfectly coifed. "That's not to demoralize my stylists ",explains Rico. "I want to make sure they get exactly what they want because that's our Name and Brand walking out the door."